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My husband lost his job and we had to sell our townhouse six months after we moved in. White Knight saved us from foreclosure and saved our credit.
Cheryl Kovalaski
Antioch, TN

When I put it on the market, I really didn't think it would ever sell. 
And when you guys came around, it was like an answer to a prayer. 
The stress is gone, it was just great, everything went very quickly
and very easily. You guys were really wonderful with getting us all
the information we needed.  The paperwork, what we needed to sign,
everything went smoothly.  It was a real blessing.
Belinda K.
Round Rock, TX

I was in some financial trouble, I was behind on payments, and I was literally 
going to go into foreclosure. Lara and Anthony came to my house, and they
did a very good and professional presentation. We agreed on a given price that
they would help me to move out, and they performed exactly what they said that
they would do. They were able to buy the house without doing a short sale or
foreclosure, so I am very pleased with their performance, and I appreciate their help.
Richard M.
Austin, TX

I met Lara when she was across the street, looking at another house.  I asked her to
look at mine to consider it. She did and a couple weeks later, we’ve closed on that house.  It was easy, fast, friendly… (I’m going to use the money to) pay off bills and
buy new flooring for my room! (laugh)
Charles T.
Austin, TX

My house came to a point where it was beyond repair, and there was no way that I
could make my mortgage payment and make those repairs.  At the same, I thought
I was just going to have to let the house go into foreclosure, but after I talked with
Anthony and Lara, they guided me through this process and showed me that that
did not have to be the case, so I’m very grateful for that.
Glenda R.
Cedar Park, TX

The sale all went real smoothly, Lara contacted me right away and I had no
problem ever getting in touch with her or Anthony.  I’m very happy with the process.
Allen H.
Kyle, TX

Last year, I was trying to sell my house in kind of a hurry, and I thought it would
be a lot easier than it was.  I had it for sale through a regular Realtor and people
were interested, but then I found out that the house needed a lot of repairs that
I didn’t have the money to spend on, and the repairs scared away a lot of regular
buyers.  So I was kinda stuck without being able to sell the house. 
So I was looking for alternative methods to get rid of the house, and that’s when
I talked to Lara.  She was able to really help me out, and get me into another house. 
So now we’re in our new house, and everything’s great, the house was sold, she’s
taken care of it and life’s great!
Susan V.
Austin, TX

Our family was facing foreclosure, so I contacted Lara from a postcard she had
sent us, and she was able to buy our house in less than 7 days and stop the
foreclosure situation. We are very grateful for her help!
Tal & Michele S.
Lago Vista, TX

I had bought several homes with some partners. Everything was going good until they bailed. I was left with this property and was unsuccessful in selling them for what I owed.
Unfortunately, I did not research the property before I bought it. That's when I found out it was in a war zone. I knew I needed to get this monkey off my back. I have a wife and
2 kids to take care of and realized I could no longer take on the burden.
That is when I found Diversified Realty and life started changing.
You got the bank to take a short sale and got the property sold.
I am very grateful. Thank you and your staff!!!!
Sanford, FL

My family was very responsible, until the payment on the home went pass what we could afford. Then I was told I have Parkinson. 

I had a friend that you helped several years ago. We were glad to find you are still around.
The stress was too much, so your company took over for us. It is such a relief when you got our home sold, and we had no foreclosure.Thank you and I am sure you will be blessed

Sanford, FL

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